Prinsco Manufacturing

Red Star Creative engaged Repast to help Minnesota-based Prinsco prepare to launch a new product. A third-generation, family-owned company, Prinsco is smaller than its competitors in the agricultural market. They wanted a fresh perspective. Beyond communicating technical details about their new product, they wanted new ways to tell their story. Repast brought forward the personal side of this industrial company, noticing and magnifying Prinsco’s commitment to quality, integrity, and relationships.

Deep listening

We dug into Prinsco’s story by talking with people in all parts of the company. What keeps this company going? What does Prinsco aspire to be? By creating a sense of comfort and openness and inviting people to talk about their work, we were able to hear the human side of Prinsco’s story. Themes emerged and repeated. This company video is the result. A side benefit: employees feel heard and seen in a new way, and inspired about the story they’re part of.


Product details are important, but, on their own, they don’t compel a purchase. Our conversations with product users and installers covered technical territory, but always kept an eye on the human story.


One batch of footage—from visits to two plants and three installation sites—led to a family of videos. Each interview can be transformed into a social media clip or short web video. We continue to draw on and re-edit the initial footage to keep telling Prinsco’s story.

Chris is a true creative professional. His approach is open and flexible, yet focused on capturing stunning, curated imagery that he later knits together to tell a unique and compelling story. He sees the possibilities that others don’t. It’s always a pleasure to have Chris on a project.
- Betsy Bonnema, Founder, Redstar Creative