Forager Chef

When Repast founder Chris Bohnhoff met Chef Alan Bergo, he was working on building the audience for his Forager Chef blog. A photographer himself, he wanted some technical mentoring to take better still photos. As we tromped through the woods with him in search of mushrooms, Alan’s passion became apparent, and so did the potential for great story-driven video. A collaboration was born.


Video storytelling is a lot like foraging. What sustains us is all around us, but it’s often hidden. To find it, we’ve got to step into the woods. Know what to look for. Roll with the weather and the terrain. Unskilled, we might trample—or walk right past—what could be a delicious meal. Knowledgeable, careful, and curious, we find it and cook it up. Yum.


Editing footage from foraging trips with Alan, key themes and moments emerged. We found local music to set the pace and enhance the stories’ tone. Clarifying graphics added richness while leaving Alan’s conversational voice clear.

stories take shape

A loosely consistent format became clear. Each video is the story of a meal. Some clips end beside an outdoor fire; some by an indoor stove. Each story is part adventure and part cooking demo; each conveys the particular lighthearted intensity Alan brings to the woods and to the kitchen.