Translating Your Message for Video

Video storytelling can build on what you already have. Your website and in-person presentations are a good start … but the world of video is different.

Example: With roots on Minnesota’s Iron Range, startup Clearwater BioLogic wants to protect clean water and the livelihoods mining offers. Their recycled, bacteria-based system keeps lake water pure enough for wild rice to thrive—at a cost that mining companies can afford. As MN Cup finalists, they needed a short video—fast—to make their case. We drew on their existing collateral, added motion graphics, and worked with them to strategize a persuasive pitch [] in video format.

Roots: Clearwater’s founder, Jeffrey Hanson, grew up on the shores of Birch Lake near Babbitt, MN. He came to cherish the natural world, clean water, and the economic importance of mining.

Big Idea: Use recycled fibers and bacteria to mimic nature’s way of removing sulfate from water.

Video Constraint: The Minnesota Cup startup competition required a pitch video no longer than 60 seconds.

Whoa, Tell Me More about this Mining vs. Clean Water Issue: This MPR story from May 2018 describes Clearwater’s innovation and puts it in the context of regulations, wild rice, cost control, and more.

Video Quote: “It’s not a question of protecting the mines or protecting the environment. We can do both.”

Tip from Chris: It turns out there's a big difference making the case in person with a PowerPoint vs. through an on-camera interview and motion graphics. Most people need some coaching and strategy work to effectively communicate in the video world.

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