Who tells your story?

The YMCA Equity Innovation Lab brings the Y’s equity work from their downtown home base out into the community. It’s a collaborative, inclusive program designed to address Minnesota’s second-to-worst-in-the-nation racial disparities.

Potential new partners want to see the Lab in action. They want to know: What is the Lab, and what will it do for my community? They can find out by watching this case study video. Interviews and live footage bring together a whole lot of voices for a 360-degree view of how the program moves communities toward equity.

Organizational decision-makers who want to see how the Equity Innovation Lab works.  

Dr. Ramon Pastrano, YMCA facilitator, to a roomful of students:
Great insight. How do we move those leaders from just being aware to more transformative action?

Video length:
4 minutes and 22 seconds.

Number of different voices heard in that time:
We count 16.

Rawa, Burnsville High School student, on participating in the Lab:
I’ve been to a lot of student retreats before about cultural competency, but I never really felt satisfied. I never felt it was going to go anywhere. And a lot of them didn’t. For once, I actually feel like this might go somewhere. We might do something.

Tip from Chris:
Getting all those voices in balance—and getting a program summarized accurately—is a tricky process. It takes good questions up front, open eyes and ears during filming, and input from the client throughout the edit to make sure everyone's voice comes through.

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