Build Trust with a Case Study Video

We at Repast consider ourselves steady, dependable partners on your video storytelling journey. But we’re ok with calling this case study video a wild goose chase.

Literally. It features a sturdy, weatherproof, highly capable robot that can spot geese and shoo them away from no-goose areas. You kind of have to see it to believe it. Good thing we’re a video production company.

Let us explain:
Startup Rover Robotics’ flagship product is a robot platform that’s sturdy, easy to customize, and relatively affordable. The Rover is just right for entrepreneurs and researchers who want to develop amazing new robot capabilities, not put time and money into building machines from the ground up. Digi Labs used the Rover as a base for their Wild Goose Chaser.

A video builds trust:
Rover Robotics founder Adam Gettings says, “People don’t think that a robot that costs a few thousand dollars can be rugged and waterproof and submersible. But when the video shows it working, people can believe it’s real.”

Wait. The robot does what?
Chases geese. See the the Wild Goose Chaser do its thing starting around the 00:50 mark.

Why feature the Goose Chaser?
Digilabs’ product is memorable. But, more importantly, it shows off the Rover’s most valuable qualities. When you see the terrain it navigates, you know it’s sturdy and capable.

Adam on Working with Repast:
It’s important to take input from people who are professionals at storytelling. Chris is a really kind, patient person and really talented. And if you suggest things that are bad ideas, he'll very sweetly and nicely suggest something better. I learned to let go and let Chris drive!”

Tip from Adam:
“Find a way to weave together something memorable with something that’s obviously of value to your customer.”

Tip from Chris:
When you don’t have the budget for a video with a lot of bells and whistles, your product itself can often provide the “wow” factor you need. In the Wild Goose Chaser case study, it’s easy to see the Rover’s durability and approachability. And, let’s face it, the goose chase is fun to watch.

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