The Whole Animal = All of Your Strengths

Video storytelling shows your work whole. So all of your strengths come across—even those that might go unnoticed in other media.

This series showcases recipes Chef Alan Bergo developed using Shepherd Song Farm’s grass-fed lamb and goat meat. Alan writes out each recipe for home cooks to try. But video lets us in on the finer points of technique in a special way. 

Meat: The videos feature underappreciated cuts: heart, tongue, neck. For Alan, this feels both practical and ethical. “These are whole, living creatures. We need to use every part of the carcass.” 

For all grilled sandwich lovers, even vegetarians: Catch Alan’s elegant grilling technique at the end. (He nonchalantly upends the whole problem where the bread is toasted but the filling isn’t hot yet.) 

Actual quote: “When I see hearts on sale … I say, hey, give me a whole bunch of hearts.” 

Chris’s Advice: Let your unique strengths shine. This series has more depth than your average cooking videos, and that's a function of being present to Alan’s one-of-a-kind care—his attention to little things that most of us don’t think about. I could have directed the action and made a tighter, shorter end product, but that would have negated some of the best qualities Alan brings to the table (so to speak). 

Alan’s Advice: If you want to do it well, do it with a team. Don’t try to do it by yourself.

Use every part of the animal. Get in touch with Repast.