When Your Org Serves Multiple Markets

If your org wears a lot of hats, you’ve probably felt the challenge of telling stories that are true to your core and speak to several audiences.

Prinsco could easily look like three different companies—they make plastic pipe for three vastly different markets. Redstar Creative called on Repast to make videos that speak to each—and to show what brings it all together.

Stunner for City Folk: A machine rolls along and basically unzips the earth, installs a giant plastic pipe under the ground, and seals the soil up again behind it.

Everyone Can Marvel at: Sheer number of customers and employees talking in a heartfelt way about Prinsco’s products and great service.

Impact: Major. Besides helping the company look great from the outside, the videos have brought Prinsco’s people a new sense of pride. Redstar Creative Director Luke Geiger says, “It's easy for a business to get caught up in the grind of the day-to-day. But all of a sudden [Prinsco is] hearing from their customers on a wide scale about how much they value Prinsco and the relationships they create.”

A Customer Sums It up: “Prinsco, you know—if you call there, somebody actually answers the phone.”

Chris’s Advice: Having consistent crew and workflow throughout gives you a steady tone and pace. To get the flavor that will speak to each audience, you’ve got to be attentive during interviews. Solid attention draws out the real answers instead of just reinforcing a preconceived idea of what the story is.

Luke’s Advice:  Ask yourself, “What is the thing that we offer across all of the markets?” That becomes the bigger story. The insight Prinsco came to was, “We make pipe, but what we really do is build great relationships with our customers.”

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