Stories That Inspire Action

A warm, safe home. Many of us take it for granted. So it’s powerful to hear from people who have been homeless. Their stories can help us see what we have with new eyes—and understand the worlds that open up for others when we lend a hand.

Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative works to make sure that everyone has a place to live. As director of photography for this video, I got to spent time with two people, Josielyn and Tracey, who have called on Beacon’s programs in times of need.

Meet these brave women. See how powerful their stories are. And, if you’re moved to, please share the warmth of home this winter bysupporting Beacon’s work

Josielyn: “Families Moving Forward was the only place that accepted me and my kids. And that was my main thing: I’m not going to let us get separated.

Tracey: “Kimball Court opened their doors to me. They gave me a place to live where I’m warm every night. They give me a kitchen to cook my food. And security. That’s a wonderful thing.”

Josielyn: “They took a lot of the worry away. Little by little, my burdens got lifted.

Do Not Miss: The look on Tracey’s face as she starts to talk about her goals for the future: “Five years, for me, looks like…”

Tip from Chris: A sensitive approach is so important when filming folks who have been through a lot. Being able to put people at ease is part of it. But also knowing they’re sharing a story that’s not easy, and honoring their generosity in being willing to go there in front of a camera.

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