Employees' Voices Leading the Way

To unite a large and far-flung team, you want a unified message. And sometimes the most powerful voices your team can hear are those of peers.

We let employees’ voices form the backbone of this company-wide video for Prinsco. They wanted to strengthen the culture of excellence among 500 employees at 3 separate sites. The tone of the video is team-oriented rather than top-down. And it shows employees’ insights about what matters in their work and how the company culture is part of what they do every day.

Please contact us for access to this internal communication piece.

Special Power: Team members talking in a frank, low-key way about why their work matters.

Video Quote: “If it’s not good enough, it’s not going out the door.”

Bonus for Leadership: Seeing how many employees are already in touch with the culture they’ve been working to build.

Garnish: Well-placed, minimalist animation highlights action and adds zest.

Tip from Chris: The audio here comes from off-camera interviews. This had a couple of benefits. It saved the cost of a second camera operator. And it made the audio feel more relaxed and genuine, since nobody needed to feel nervous about talking on camera.

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