One Girl's Call for Peace

Chaltu Uli, a middle school student in Worthington, Minnesota, is passionate about working for peace for the Oromo people. To magnify Chaltu's call for action, we teamed up with Tim Foss of More Belief, combining illustration and video storytelling.

I hope you'll be inspired to stand with Chaltu and to make your next video project as big-minded and creative as can be.

Chris Bohnhoff
Founder, Repast Studios

Chaltu's Wish:
“I want everyone to see the video and share it to their representatives and senators so they can take action.”

File Under:
Small-town America. Watercolor. International arms trade. Farm land. Ethiopian politics. Immigration. Girl hero.

Chris's Advice:
When you’re looking to make something new, don’t be afraid to reach outside your own field and community. Repast values all kinds of partnerships, and when you have compelling story, we’re driven to find a way to help tell it.

Tim's Advice:
The problem with making a video sometimes has less to do with making the video and more to do with whether anyone’s going to really see it. Chaltu and her teacher were invested in this. They hustled. And the groundswell it created in Worthington was worth their work.

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Company Overview Video: What Shows the Big Picture Best?

Whatever your goals are for this year, I know you’re always looking for new ways to communicate your message. Making story-driven videos, I meet lots of terrific people, and I get to see their work up close. As we fly into 2018, I want to welcome you behind the scenes—let you in on some projects clients have been tackling, and also pass along their insights and advice. I hope this gives you a nice video break, along with a spark or two to fire up your next storytelling project.

Chris Bohnhoff
Founder, Repast Studios

Carl, Brian, and Sean Douglassthree brothers, all engineers, who run DI Labs in Spicer, Minnesota.

Find a simple message that unifies DI Labs' wide-ranging work, and bring out the human side of a tech-based industry.

Great Line:
Heather Christensen, DI Labs Client: "They're very passionate about thinking beyond the solution ... into what you didn't even think was possible."

Advice from Chris:
Even when you want to show the world the broadest possible picture of what you're about, a specific, human-sized story can be the best way to connect.

A strong narrative keeps people watching and listening, and it holds the essence of your larger message.

Finding the narrative thread, though, can be really toughespecially when you're close to the work. I recommend bringing in someone with a fresh perspectivewhether that's me, another videographer, or someone else outside your businessto help find the most compelling thread.

Advice from DI Labs:
Carl Douglass says, "Find a partner like Chris. The magical thing about working with Chris is you don't have to do a lot of prep work. I know he does it behind the scenes. He does it so well that, from our point of view, one day Chris shows up with all his gear, and right away we're deep into the story."