Repast is a documentary video production studio in Minneapolis, MN.

What feeds your work?

Connection fuels us. We’re passionate about video because it conveys personal stories like no other medium can. And nothing draws an audience to your work like a vivid, human story. We approach your project with fresh eyes, genuine curiosity, and a commitment to attentive presence. And we have a knack for finding and amplifying the heart of your work.


Story DiscoverY

Discovery starts with our first meeting, and it never stops. We’re curious and open, attending to the moments when your authentic story unfolds.


VIDEO Production

Whether you’re a corporation, a non-profit, or one creative person, our agile production team scales to fit. Our production choices prioritize comfort, so that those on camera can share their best selves—your best story.


EditING & Finishing

Thoughtful, creative editing and finishing mean your video investment serves multiple purposes and viewers. We use a level of polish appropriate for each project, from quick web videos and social media spots to annual report videos.

A corporate story is a human story.


Employees, clients, and partners bring your mission to life. So Repast focuses on people. Instead of working from a script or storyboard, we connect, listen, and respond to what emerges. The result is corporate videos that ring true, via a production process that energizes employees and builds relationships.



Vivid stories that keep giving.


To maximize your impact, we listen and watch for the resonant details that convey your most unique, persuasive stories. To maximize your budget, we use an agile, flexible production footprint, complementing and mentoring your in-house capacity.



Beyond the cooking demo.


A meal is like any great story. It’s satisfying on its own: delicious, nourishing. But it’s also complex, with a history, a place, and a deep connection to people. Repast’s food videos tell the story behind the plate and bring the chef’s passion to the viewer.


Ready for story-driven collaboration.


We love to bring video production together with with other creative fields—literary, environmental, culinary, humanitarian, and beyond. If you’re looking for a new way to put your work forward, let’s connect.